Representing Pittsburgh & the Center Around the World

CEP faculty have active research programs and frequently travel across the U.S. and internationally to present their work to not only philosophy audiences, but also audiences at scientific, bioethics, and other disciplines' meetings. In addition to academic workshops and conferences, faculty attend meetings as consultants for national and international panels convened to discuss and debate policy, to construct international guidelines, and to govern domestic scientific agendas.

The Center is also home to a number of academic and professional events right here on CMU's campus. We often host visiting speakers, hold workshops, and meet to read challenging or important new work in the areas of Ethics & Policy. View our Events page to find out more about what's coming up.

Alexander Heffner

Host of Open Mind on PBS

The Center for Ethics and Policy hosted Alexander Heffner, host of The Open Mind on PBS, for a talk on The Future of Civil Discourse.

Regulating Autonomous Systems

Danks & London Paper in IEEE

CEP Faculty David Danks and Alex London published a paper on ethics and regulation of autonomous systems that has been featured in the New Scientist and Citylab.

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Pittsburgh Models Deliberative Democracy

CEP's PDD Partners with City

Through deliberative democracy, ordinary citizens are empowered to play an active role in policy decisions. With help from CEP’s Program for Deliberative Democracy (PDD), the City of Pittsburgh is becoming a national model for this community-driven approach to addressing important issues.

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Inaugural CEP Workshop

Exploitation & Coercion

The Center for Ethics and Policy hosted its inaugural workshop on the topics of Exploitation and Coercion. In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the publication of Alan Wertheimer's seminal work Exploitation, the CEP brought together experts from around the world for two days of thinking and talking about the theoretical underpinnigs of exploitation and coercion and implications for important current topics in applied ethics and policy. The Center was pleased to welcome Richard Arneson as its keynote speaker.

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Global Pharmaceuticals

Sources of Ethical Responsibility

CEP Director Alex London spoke at the Ethical Issues in Marketing Pharmaceuticals in Emerging Health Systems Conference at Seton Hall Law School, in a talk titled, "Sources of Ethical Responsibility for the Global Pharmaceutical Industry".

University Level Distinction

Robert Arnold Receives New Honor

CEP Faculty Member and Chair of Patient Care in the Department of Medicine at University of Pittsburgh was one of 13 Pitt faculty members honored with a Distinguished University Chair.

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New Endowed Chair

L.L. Thurstone Professor of Philosophy and Psychology

CMU Philosophy Department Head and CEP Faculty David Danks was named the L.L. Thurstone Professor of Philosophy and Psychology.

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Who Owns the Dead?

New Perspective on 9/11 Recovery Process

In the new book Who Owns the Dead? The Science and Politics of Death at Ground Zero, CEP's Jay Aronson details the cultural and political reasons behind why the promise was made to spare no expense in trying to identify every victim and human body part larger than a thumbnail, and why living up to the task has been so challenging.

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Local Medical Advertising

Concerns about Impacts on Patients

CEP Faculty members Yael Schenker and Alex London contribute their thoughts on the recent trend of local health systems using actual patients in emotional television ads.

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Whose Lives Should be Saved?

Deliberative Fora in Social Decision-Making

Recent research on the use of deliberative fora to inform resource allocation during a public health emergency was spotlighted in the NYTimes. CEP members Robert Cavalier and Alex London were among the researchers conducting fora around this question in several neighborhoods in Baltimore.

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To Serve and Protect

Addressing Police Violence

CEP Faculty Jay Kadane weighed in on the recent spate of police killings in the US over at the Huffington Post.

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Standards of Prevention in HIV Research

2016 Society for Applied Philosophy

CEP Faculty Danielle Wenner presented joint work with Director Alex John London at this year's Society for Applied Philosophy conference in Belfast. Their current work looks at how determinations are made about the appropriate standard of prevention in prevention research.


Rebellion, Resistance, Revolution

2016 Association for Social & Political Philosophy

CEP Associate Director Danielle Wenner presented joint work with Derrick Gray (CMU Philosophy Visiting Scholar) at the 2016 ASPP Conference. This year's conference theme was "Rebellion, Resistance, Revolution".


2016 Brocher Summer Academy

Population-Level Bioethics

Center faculty Danielle Wenner was an invited speaker at the 2016 Brocher Summer Academy in Population-Level Bioethics. This year's summer academy focused on the Ethical Design of Randomized Trials in Development Economics and Health Systems Research.

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Keynote Speaker

2016 Formal Epistemology Workshop

Center faculty member Kevin Zollman was a Keynote Speaker at the 2016 Formal Epistemology Workshop hosted by the University of Groningen.

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Democracy in Action

What Does Direct Deliberative Democracy Look Like?

Center faculty member and director of CMU's Program for Deliberative Democracy Robert Cavalier shared his thoughts on what direct deliberative democracy looks like in Pennsylvania.

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Game Theory & Parenting

Interview on BYU Radio

Associate Professor Kevin Zollman was interviewed by BYU radio this week about his new book, The Game Theorist's Guide to Parenting.

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Uppsala Forum

Translational Medicine and Accelerated Access

Professor Alex London spoke at the Uppsala Forum on Pharmacovigilance about translational medicine and the implications of accelerated access.

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Brazil Zika Risk

Experts Warn of Zika at 2016 Summer Olympics

Center Director Alex John London is one of 150 experts who say that the 2016 Summer Olympics should be moved or postponed due to Zika in a letter to thw WHO.

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Wimmer Faculty Fellow

Funding for "Game Theory Through Games"

Assistant Professor Adam Bjorndahl was selected as a Wimmer Faculty Fellow at the Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence and Educational Innovation. Dr. Bjorndahl was awarded the fellowship for his proposal "Game Theory Through Games", which will enhance his Game Theory course with new interactive activities.

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Teaching Innovation Award

Argument Diagramming as Pedagogical Tool

Dr. Mara Harrell was honored with a Teaching Innovation Award for her development and implementation of argument diagrammming as a central tool in teaching philosophy.

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Philosophy, Politics, and Law

Ethics in International Affairs

CEP Associate Director Danielle Wenner spoke at the Binghamton Conference on Ethical Issues in International Affairs, about the ethics of "Boycotting Labor Injustice".

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APA Research Spotlight

Exploitation in International Research

Assistant Professor Danielle Wenner was interviewed by the American Philosophical Association's blog for their Early Career Research Spotlight series. The interview includes details about her work on exploitation and the ethics of international research, the importance of doing philosophy with practical applications, and teaching global ethics to Carnegie Mellon undergrads.

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