Leonard J. Savage University Professor of Statistics and Social Sciences., Emeritus, Carnegie Mellon University
CEP Faculty

Jay Kadane

My work in medical ethics has centered on the use of Bayesian sequential methods to improve patient outcomes in clinical trials, by using the data from past participants in the trial. The difficult point is to do so in a way that maintains the interpretability of the data as bearing on the effects of the treatments, uncontaminated by the choice of treatment.

Recent Publications

Pragmatics of Uncertainty. (In press). Taylor & Francis.

Sums of Possibly Associated Bernouilli Variables: the Conway-Maxwell Binomial Distribution. (2016). Bayesian Analysis 11: 403-420.

Monomer Relative Affinity in a Co-polymer. (2016). Journal of Chemometrics. 30(3): 93-98.

Beyond Hypothesis Testing. (2016). Entropy 18(5): 199.

Sleeping Beauty’s Credences. (2016). Philosophy of Science 83(3): 324-347. (with J. Cisewski, M.J. Schervish, T. Seidenfeld, and R. Stern)