Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering and BioMedical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
CEP Faculty

Kris Noel Dahl

My research focuses on the discovery of sub-cellular biological phenomena associated with cancer, genetic diseases and stem cell differentiation. Since this work encompasses areas of science, engineering and medicine, I have incorporated aspects of comparative ethics and research ethics into my research and outreach. In addition, I regularly lecture on ethical issues to undergraduates, graduate students, MD-PhD students and others whose research transcends typical boundaries.

Our labs include facilities for the characterization for nanomaterials within cells. We examine cellular toxicology of nanomaterials, and encourage scientists and engineers across campus to perform biological characterization of their nanomaterials. To this end, I have organized symposia and lectured on ethical issues relating to nanomaterials, focusing in particular on the impact of these exciting new technologies on various aspects of human health as well as economical and societal impact.

Recent Publications

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