Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Carnegie Mellon University
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Adam Bjorndahl

Adam Bjorndahl is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University. His research lies at the intersection of game/decision theory and logic. The "language-based games" project initiated in his dissertation generalizes classical game theory by formalizing each agent's (imperfect) mental model of the world as a kind of "language", and then analyzing the impact of this language on the formation of preferences. Of special interest are "coarse" languages, which systematically collapse certain real-world distinctions and can thereby serve to implement a notion of bounded rationality.

In recent, joint work with Alex John London and Kevin Zollman, a similar kind of "coarseness" is leveraged to produce a non-trivial analysis of Kantian decision making under uncertainty. More generally, the gap between real, human decision makers and "perfect" reasoners is a topic of deep interest and broad relevance.

Recent Publications

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