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About the Center


The Center for Ethics and Policy is an interdisciplinary research group dedicated to promoting the integration of high-quality theoretical reflection and discerning practical engagement with ethical, social, and policy issues in the professions and public life. The Center’s research touches fundamental aspects of individual and social life and incorporates methodological and disciplinary perspectives from across the humanities, social and natural sciences. Its members include internationally recognized scholars and practitioners drawn from diverse departments across Carnegie Mellon University and the broader Pittsburgh academic community.

Recent News

Democracy in Action

08 June 2016

Center faculty member and director of CMU's Program for Deliberative Democracy Robert Cavalier shared his thoughts on what direct deliberative democracy looks like in Pennsylvania.

Game Theory & Parenting

01 June 2016

Associate Professor Kevin Zollman was interviewed by BYU radio this week about his new book, The Game Theorist's Guide to Parenting.

Uppsala Forum

30 May 2016

Professor Alex London spoke at the Uppsala Forum on Pharmacovigilance about translational medicine and the implications of accelerated access.

Brazil Zika Risk

27 May 2016

Center Director Alex John London is one of 150 experts who say the Olympics should be moved or postponed due to Zika in a letter to the WHO.