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About the Center


The Center for Ethics and Policy is an interdisciplinary research group dedicated to promoting the integration of high-quality theoretical reflection and discerning practical engagement with ethical, social, and policy issues in the professions and public life. The Center’s research touches fundamental aspects of individual and social life and incorporates methodological and disciplinary perspectives from across the humanities, social and natural sciences. Its members include internationally recognized scholars and practitioners drawn from diverse departments across Carnegie Mellon University and the broader Pittsburgh academic community.

Recent News

Alexander Heffner

27 February 2017

The Center for Ethics and Policy hosted Alexander Heffner, host of The Open Mind on PBS, for a talk on The Future of Civil Discourse.

Regulating Autonomous Systems

13 February 2017

CEP Faculty David Danks and Alex London published a paper on ethics and regulation of autonomous systems that has been featured in the New Scientist and Citylab. View the full publication here.

Program for Deliberative Democracy

22 November 2016

With help from CEP’s Program for Deliberative Democracy (PDD), the City of Pittsburgh is becoming a national model for this community-driven approach to addressing important issues.

CEP Hosts Inaugural Workshop

4-5 November 2016

The Center for Ethics and Policy hosted its inaugural workshop on the topics of Exploitation and Coercion. In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the publication of Alan Wertheimer's seminal work Exploitation, the CEP brought together experts from around the world for two days of thinking and talking about the theoretical underpinnigs of exploitation and coercion and implications for important current topics in applied ethics and policy. The Center was pleased to welcome Richard Arneson as its keynote speaker.