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About the Center


The Center for Ethics and Policy is an interdisciplinary research group dedicated to promoting the integration of high-quality theoretical reflection and discerning practical engagement with ethical, social, and policy issues in the professions and public life. The Center’s research touches fundamental aspects of individual and social life and incorporates methodological and disciplinary perspectives from across the humanities, social and natural sciences. Its members include internationally recognized scholars and practitioners drawn from diverse departments across Carnegie Mellon University and the broader Pittsburgh academic community.

Recent News

Just How Divided Are Americans Since Trump's Election?

8 November 2017

Center faculty member and Director of the Program for Deliberative Democracy Robert Cavalier talked to History.com about the "state of our disunion" and how deliberative democracy can bring people together.

How to End International Tax Competition

2 November 2017

CEP Faculty Danielle Wenner and Kevin Zollman wrote an op-ed for the New York Times on the GOP tax plan, game theory, and international tax competition.

GovTrack Teams with Program for Deliberative Democracy

30 October 2017

GovTrack, a nationally recognized civics site that explains the daily activities of the United States Congress, has teamed up with Carnegie Mellon University’s Program for Deliberative Democracy to develop and implement an enhanced voter-input feature. The Program for Deliberative Democracy is lead by Center faculty member Robert Cavalier, teaching professor, emeritus.

Alex John London Endowed Chair Celebrated

24 October 2017

Center Director Alex John London was named the Clara L. West Professor of Ethics and Philosophy in July, and his endowed chair was celebrated on October 24. Carnegie Mellon Interim President Farnam Jahanian, Dietrich Dean Richard Scheines, and Department Head David Danks gave remarks about Professor London's achievements at a reception with colleagues, family and friends.